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Now, on Newpipe APK you can watch videos and listen to music in a more secure and precise way. It is the best alternative client for Youtube, where you can enjoy videos without the disturbance of ads and errors. This app is a free source that doesn’t contain Google framework libraries and the API of Youtube. Its main purpose is to facilitate all android users and give them satisfying outcomes.

There is no doubt that Youtube is the best entertainment app but people are not satisfied with its few features. Usually, Smartphone users face troubles while listening to and downloading videos from Youtube and which means it has some issues with android devices. That’s why people complain and want a better app where they catch such types of errors.

Therefore, developers created this unique app that allows android users to listen to any music or video without any errors. This app contains many unique features that make it superior to the original Youtube. Similarly, its best part is that it offers background music and a playlist which means you can access its songs while using all apps. 

Another plus point of the Newpipe app is that it consumes very small space and hard is it 2 megabytes. So, now on a slight touch, you can download the videos and enjoy streams of music without any lengthy process. 

What is Newpipe APK?

The Newpipe is a prominent Youtube client that allows people to watch and download youtube videos in high security. This app contains many upgrade features as compared to the original Youtube likewise it uses very little data and gives you high-resolution videos. Moreover, it loads videos faster and doesn’t take much time.

In addition, you will find other unique features in this app such as you can link any video to its playlist and can enjoy them. In fact, it stores your favorite songs and it has more capacity to download HD videos. Along with this, it is also makes the history of your search while going through the app in offline mode. 

Another, interesting part of the app is that it allows you to enjoy background music simply because it works as a background player. In fact, you can apply a custom feed and can subscribe to your favorite channel with one click. Besides this, you can import and markup your own music list. By this, you can make an awesome collection of songs at your fingertips.

Newpipe APK Features:

The Newpipe is a more efficient app to watch videos and to listening music. Usually, it is famous by the name of a Youtube client that consists of alternative features. This app replaces Youtube by giving unique substitute items. 

Efficient Privacy:

It is the responsibility of this app to protect your privacy. This app contains extended privacy and it doesn’t require Google APIs or Proprietary permission. So, you can download and stream videos without any errors or lengthy processes.

Lightweight app:

Newpipe APK doesn’t require more space on your devices because it is light in weight. Simply, you can install it on any of your android devices can enjoy its service. In fact, its speed is super and loads the videos faster. Indeed, it also consumes very little data and needs very little battery.

Newpipe Background Music Player:

Here in this app you can download unlimited songs and can save your phone’s storage. This app also offers background music simply you can listen to the songs by using other apps at a time.

Popup Options:

You will get notifications of subscribed channels on daily basis. It also gives your a popup option where you can resize and remove any video. In fact, you can switch to any playlist with one click.

Quick Downloads:

The important point of this app is that from this platform you can easily download videos and audio songs without any lengthy process. In fact, it gives options likewise you can choose the quality, size, video, audio, and caption formats for specific content.

Easy Subscriptions:

Without any hesitation, you can subscribe to any channel and can stream the music. Simply with one click, you will get a notification of every new video uploaded by the specific channel.

Create Local Playlist and Bookmarks

This app gives you permission to link up external videos and files to create a unique playlist.  Here, you can import playlists and bookmarks good channels, or videos for quick search.

Access many services

This app not only accesses the service Youtube but also supports many other services. Here you can watch videos and listen to music by accessing PeerTube, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

How to install Newpipe APK?

  1. We offer the best functional download link. So, click on the above download button and get the link.
  2. Now, change your phone’s settings and allow all unknown sources to avoid errors.
  3. After that, search for the downloaded file on the file manager and go for installation.
  4. The installation process is depending on your internet connection. So, it might take a long time for installation if you have weak network access otherwise the process will complete in a few seconds.
  5. Finally, all steps are done. So. Now you can access the Newpipe App and enjoy streams of songs.


Now, every music lover can search and download their favorite music on Newpipe APK without any tension of privacy. This is the best youtube client that gives unlimited substitute features without taking a single dime. So, download this best alternative Youtube smart client and enjoy unlimited songs.