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Socializing and networking are increasing in today’s world. We see a huge number of applications being launched each day. However, a few of them sustain and make their way to become the best. Similarly, we are here with the US media-released app for you. The latest IWantu App 18+ has been launched and getting a huge positive response with more than 500K installs. This is the best live-stream social networking application with a huge collection of explicit content. Certainly, it offers you high-quality content and is much better than the 18+ TikTok application. With its amazing features, it become the most discussed online entertainment application.

Moreover, this is a free application designed for Android and iOS devices and you can download it free from our site Dowapks.com. Now discussing the features, it is important to note that IWantu App 2023 has the best live stream option. You can get connected with various people around the globe and chat with them. Additionally, you can share content on this site and also watch a variety of content from your favorite creators. Also, get an exciting earning option by just playing some traditional and innovative games. Thus, gives you never-ending entertainment and online earnings through rewards.

What is the IWantu App?

This is an amazing entertainment application and has similarities with TikTok 18+ in graphics and content. However, it is more enriched with explicit video content and also enables you to create content. Using IWantu Mod APK, you are going to get the best content you want. It has an automatic recommendation system, that recommends the best content of your taste. You get a chance to interact with your friends and follow each other. Also, share content and enjoy the videos together. Thus, it has notifications enabled to let you know about new content from your favorite creators.

Additionally, you can save or download the content from this site. This enables you to keep your favorite content saved for you so, you could stream later as well. The IWantu App old version was considered unsafe and had various bugs and viruses. However, this time you will not find any viruses or bugs. This new version is highly safe and secure with all eth latest security features. You can easily create an account or even enjoy the content without creating any account. Thus, what are you waiting for? Download the latest version to enjoy the best Explicit content and join live streams.

IWantu App 18+ Key Features

Now, you are ready to explore the key attributes of this amazing application. It is enriched with some impressive features to help you get non-stop entertainment.

Huge Video Content

You are going to enjoy a unique collection of explicit content from various creators in the latest IWantu App. Certainly, there are more similar videos to TikTok 18+, and gives you an amazing experience. Watch all your favorite content without any restrictions. Moreover, you can also create videos and upload them on this platform and get connected with various creators around the world.  

IWantu Livestreaming

Furthermore, you can enjoy various live streamer’s content as well. Watch live streams and also join those streams by simply requesting them. You can organize live-stream events in this app and get more interaction options. You can chat, sing, and make new friends from this.

Get Rewards for playing Games

There is another amazing earning option for users with this application. Now you can play some innovative and traditional mini-games in this application to get rewards. Thus, IWantu is more than just an ordinary entertainment app. Get rewards by playing some easy and interactive games.

IWantu App More Features

  • Best application for interaction with girls and watching hot content.
  • Various events to interact and get rewards.
  • Free access and easy-to-create account.
  • Safe and secure application.


Finally, you are ready to get the best online entertaining mobile application. It gives you free access to a newly launched modified version of the TikTok 18+ app. Certainly, the latest IWantu App v1.3.9 is known for its free access to explicit content and interaction with creators. Moreover, you are going to see hot girls and creators on the livestream. Also, by creating an account you can start a live-stream session and get rewards. Don’t miss this amazing APK where you can save and download all your favorite content. Why you are wasting your time? Free download the new version and interact with hot and beautiful girls now.